Sunday, September 21, 2008

Fred Wilson's from web 2.0 NYC

Great keynote for anybody working in the Internet space.

Monday, September 08, 2008

My Blackberry Essentials

A little over a year ago I wrote about my favorite Blackberry applications as well as bookmarks. With some recent additions I thought I'd update my post.

Applications (You'll need to download them)

WSJ Mobile Reader - This is a must have application on your Blackberry. You get constant access to the latest premium content as well as your own feed reader. I assume at some point they will start charging or require an online subscription, but for now DOWNLOAD it.

Ramble (AIM Client) - Found this looking for an AIM client that doesn't use SMS to send and receive instant messages. It's offered by SRA and there is no charge.

Google Talk - If you have a Gmail account, you're already aware of Google Talk. The nice feature is that it does not use SMS to send and receive messages. It uses the data connection and with an unlimited data plan you're covered.

Google Maps - This installs on your BlackBerry and gives you access to normal maps, satellite, as well as traffic. You can search for business and get directions. It's super helpful and just like Google Talk, it's free and piggybacks on your data plan. Now leverages GPS data from the phone or triangulates location based on cell towers.

Google Gmail - This is an installed application which gives you quite a bit of functionality to read and action upon your Gmail.


Amtrak - Essential if you travel the Northeast corridor. For some reason the train crew often won't update you on your arrival time. It appears that only the mobile version of the site allows you to check your arrival times.

FlyFAA Plain Text - Great way to find out if there are weather delays on your flights.

HopStop - Essential for navigating the subways in NYC and other major cities.

MTA - If you ride on Metro-North or Long Island Railroad (LIRR) they have a great site you can check the schedule.