Monday, April 28, 2008

Going Green By Using Your Spare Change

This weekend working out I came across an article in Businessweek about the environmental benefits if we put dormant coins back into circulation. BW had sourced a press release from Coinstar, the makers of those coin counting machines in your local grocery store.

The environmental savings are quite impressive considering it would put on average $90 into your pocket. Of course you could visit your nearest Coinstar machine or visit a bank that offers free change counting, for example Commerce Online.

One other interesting tidbit is that it costs the U.S. Mint 1.3 cents to make a penny and 7.7 cents to make a nickel.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Beekeeping Update

I'm still waiting for the bees to arrive. Apparently the supplier hasn't received their shipment thus my 3 pounds of bees haven't shipped. It's probably a good thing since there aren't too many plants starting to blossom in East Hampton.

Monday, April 07, 2008

Beekeeping Starter Kit Arrived Today

My beehive starter kit arrived today via UPS: included are the frames, hives, smoker, gloves, hive tool, etc. Now I just need for the live bees to be delivered later this week or early next week. I'm sure the post office in East Hampton will be looking forward to my package.

I'll be blogging about my experience as a first time beekeeper. During my childhood my father kept many hives as I remember harvesting the honey. Looking forward to producing some honey.

Sunday, April 06, 2008

How to re-cedarize your closet

I'm writing about my experience "re-cedarizing" our cooperative closets as I think I may have zapped my and my wife's ability to smell cedar.

A few neighbors stopped by today and mentioned the strong smell of our cedar closets. Diana and I can't smell any cedar. What I find even funnier is that I came home from my trip to Leadscon and complained to my wife as I put my jacket away that the cedar oil wore off.

This could be problematic.

For those of you that do have cedar closets that aren't as fresh. There is a relatively simple way to rejuvenate your cedar smell.

1. Buy some cedar oil - I purchased 32 oz. from a store that I can't find online anymore, but Woodcraft carries a smaller size. In hindsight I probably could have gotten away with an 8 oz container.

2. Setup a small palm sander with fine sand paper and a shop vac. This will allow you to sand the cedar in the closet in a dustless fashion. In the picture you'll see the setup I've used before. Sand the closets.hand sander connected to shop vac

3. Throw on some gloves and take a sponge soaked in the cedar oil and wipe down the newly sanded cedar boards. Let the oil soak in for a day or two and you're finished.

Warning: The first closet I did not use gloves and I felt funky for the rest of the day. Ventilation might be good as well as I'm not sure why I can't smell the cedar scent anymore. At least the moths will stay away.

Saturday, April 05, 2008

Las Vegas Airport Needs Clear

I just returned from the Leadscon conference in Las Vegas and had the thought that Clear needs to sign-up McCarran International Airport. Clear just launched in Dulles (IAD) and Reagan (DCA) which is great for my business travel needs, but I'd like to see them everywhere. Whisking myself past insanely long security lines is great.

No waiting behind someone who has five gallons of hand lotion in their bag and is upset that they have to throw it out. Clear travelers are professional travelers and know the tricks.

I don't know the economics behind an install, but just from a PR/advertising perspective Las Vegas would be ideal. It's the conference center of the US and the sheer volume of sales people visiting for conferences would be great free advertising. Imagine waiting in the sometimes insanely long lines and you see someone fly by in the Clear line.

Get ready for the sign-ups.

Maybe put a sign-up booth inside the secured area and sign people up as they come through.