Sunday, April 06, 2008

How to re-cedarize your closet

I'm writing about my experience "re-cedarizing" our cooperative closets as I think I may have zapped my and my wife's ability to smell cedar.

A few neighbors stopped by today and mentioned the strong smell of our cedar closets. Diana and I can't smell any cedar. What I find even funnier is that I came home from my trip to Leadscon and complained to my wife as I put my jacket away that the cedar oil wore off.

This could be problematic.

For those of you that do have cedar closets that aren't as fresh. There is a relatively simple way to rejuvenate your cedar smell.

1. Buy some cedar oil - I purchased 32 oz. from a store that I can't find online anymore, but Woodcraft carries a smaller size. In hindsight I probably could have gotten away with an 8 oz container.

2. Setup a small palm sander with fine sand paper and a shop vac. This will allow you to sand the cedar in the closet in a dustless fashion. In the picture you'll see the setup I've used before. Sand the closets.hand sander connected to shop vac

3. Throw on some gloves and take a sponge soaked in the cedar oil and wipe down the newly sanded cedar boards. Let the oil soak in for a day or two and you're finished.

Warning: The first closet I did not use gloves and I felt funky for the rest of the day. Ventilation might be good as well as I'm not sure why I can't smell the cedar scent anymore. At least the moths will stay away.

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