Thursday, December 11, 2008

The Big Three Need Three Steve Jobs

My wife, my father and I were discussing the pending big three auto bailout over dinner. The consensus was bankruptcy. Most other companies wouldn't get a bailout. 

There are Web 2.0 start ups going under weekly, no bailout for any of them. Out of their failure are hopefully people who know that much more as to how to find success in their next venture.

The big three need a serious reset. Accept failure, reset the contracts, right size the business. Then add some inspirational leadership. 

Each of them need their very own Steve Jobs. They have serious labor, product, and operations challenges. 

Apple had big problems, irrelevant products, and declining market share.

Can they find Steve Jobs cubed?

Wait somethings coming to me...

Here's an idea, a politically appointed car czar. I'm sure the same people who deregulated our markets and accepted all those donations can find a qualified person for that role.

Let the markets do their work.