Sunday, December 27, 2009

Bhut Jolokia Pepper Live on Video

Found this video via Guy Kawasaki's tweet this morning.

This gentlemen eats a Bhut Jolokia pepper and video tapes himself. This might be one pepper I won't eat straight.

Monday, December 07, 2009

Netflix Insights and What If...

Watched RocknRoller on my Netflix DVD two nights ago and in the previews was Body of Lies. What's interesting about this is that I watched Body of Lies and Netflix recommended RocknRoller earlier in the month. The movie studios must know how to pick them.

This got me thinking.

What if...

- movie studios allowed Netflix to burn DVDs on demand

- Netflix used their predictive algorithms to burn in the right previews, they could rotate DVDs out on a regular basis to keep the previews fresh and relevant

- since movie theaters already show commercials (movies and non-movie items) they could stitch in commercials, they would have some idea of viewing stats

- combine previews that are super relevant and have some ads in there as well and you've got an engaged audience

- movie studios could license the predictive insight to put better previews on DVDs they sell in stores, thus driving more demand for their products

- Netflix takes Profiles one step further and gives recommendations for multiple watchers. I know some movies I like my wife hates, it goes both ways. By taking in the ratings and who's watching there would be some great demographic data for studios and advertisers.

- Netflix predictive data was licensed by retailers to help determine product layout on shelves in brick and mortar and online power the you might also want to buy.

Just some thought starters...

Friday, December 04, 2009

Apitherapy Conference Day One Recap

Diana and I took the day off to attend the American Apitherapy Society Conference. If you're wondering what apitherapy is? It's the medicinal use of products made by honeybees. This includes their venom as well, BVT (bee venom therapy).

At the end of the first day Diana and I both partook in BVT. Diana got a test sting and I took two to the knees. In the video you can see the stinger pulsing as the venom is injected.

Here's some micro stinging, which is using the same bee stinger to give multiple small stings. Each micro sting injects a fraction of just leaving the stinger in one spot to empty.

Here's a video of a man getting treatment for neuropathy.

We also learned some new cold treatments. "Dr. Sting" suggested eating a spoonful of comb honey and within 30 minutes your sinuses will clear out. Diana tried this and sure enough her sinuses cleared. This worked again at home this evening.

Another remedy for a sore throat is to lie on your back and pour honey up your nostrils. The honey helps to kill off the cold in your nose and back of your throat. I just tried it and aside from a slight burn as it moved into my throat; my throat feels much better.