Saturday, April 05, 2008

Las Vegas Airport Needs Clear

I just returned from the Leadscon conference in Las Vegas and had the thought that Clear needs to sign-up McCarran International Airport. Clear just launched in Dulles (IAD) and Reagan (DCA) which is great for my business travel needs, but I'd like to see them everywhere. Whisking myself past insanely long security lines is great.

No waiting behind someone who has five gallons of hand lotion in their bag and is upset that they have to throw it out. Clear travelers are professional travelers and know the tricks.

I don't know the economics behind an install, but just from a PR/advertising perspective Las Vegas would be ideal. It's the conference center of the US and the sheer volume of sales people visiting for conferences would be great free advertising. Imagine waiting in the sometimes insanely long lines and you see someone fly by in the Clear line.

Get ready for the sign-ups.

Maybe put a sign-up booth inside the secured area and sign people up as they come through.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for your comments about Clear.

We recognized early on how great it would be to launch the program at Las Vegas McCarran International Airport. We have been actively seeking a contract to operate the program at the airport.

The program is cost free to the airport, airlines, and taxpayers. It speeds the throughput of the checkpoint by 30% and over 90% of our members renew in the program.

As more and more airports sign on to launch a program, we hope that LAS will be among them.

Thank you again for your support,

Allison Beer
Senior Vice President, Clear