Friday, March 28, 2008

My Scratchitti Element Is Finally Fixed

Over two years ago my Black Honda Element was vandalized at my wife's place of work. I've talked to a few auto body repair places to repaint the car. Quotes ranged from $2,000 to $4,000.

Not an option for a $22,000 Element.

Not an option for me to shell out for a vandal's handy work.

Last summer I had a thought, why not call a car wrapping company? Wrap the car with an advertisement or just black wrapping.

I stopped by Sign Language last summer and spoke with the owner, Jack. He thought it was possible and would run around $200. Much better deal than a new paint job and the wrapping material should last at least 5 years.

Finally I motivated and brought the Element in today to have it wrapped. An hour later, you can hardly notice the black wrapping. Diana couldn't tell the difference. Diana and I no longer drive in a card with "bitch" scratchitti on three sides.

If you have a scratchitti car this is a cost effective way of covering up.


Brian T said...

I'd be curious to see how the wrap weathers. What is it made of? Some sort of plastic?

Rob said...

It will supposedly last for 5-7 years. It's a plastic that is computer cut similar to a plotter printer.

Anonymous said...

you let your wife drive around two years with the work "bitch" scratched into her car?!?! i thought AOL paid good money...