Sunday, January 08, 2006

Sex in the City on Saturday

My wife and I visited NYC for the day on Saturday. At one point I met up with an old work colleague for a drink, and we stopped by a bar in Little Italy that was relatively empty. There were dozens of martini glass on the bar top but we thought nothing of it.

Thirty minutes into the drinks, in comes about thirty to forty people who look like tourists. John and I overhear various accents and people are taking pictures of each other. They then start in on the cosmopolitans and continue to fill up the bar. Next three girls ask us to take their picture, and at this point John asks them what tour group they are with.

Answer - The Sex in the City Tour

Sounds eerily similar to the J Peterman reality tour that Kramer ran in one episode. I asked how much this tour cost, $35. How long did it last? About three hours. John then said well its not a bad deal if you get free drinks, to which they replied, " the drinks are extra".

Thinking about Kramer reminds me of Kenny Kramer who is the inspiration for the episode. I then did a little searching and the tour is real and you can go on it for $37.50 + $2 service charge. Check it out if you don't believe me. There is no mention on the site about a mini-bagel pizza or a bite-size snickers bar.

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Andy said...

Only a deichert happenstance,
classic - and good piece of writing my boy