Sunday, January 29, 2006

TiVo's Most Recorded Shows

After reading Andy's blog posting about media consumption I noticed a newsletter from TiVo with an interesting link. The TiVo site lists the most recorded shows from the past week along with their previous ranking. Seeing American Idol at number 5, which I thought was one of the top rated shows sent me on a search for the Nielsen ratings. I found the latest Nielsen's Top 20 on Yahoo and sure enough right behind football, there is American Idol taking 2 and 3. Checking on a personal favorite 24, it was #20 on Nielsen, #4 on TiVo.

What was interesting was the lack of any sports from the TiVo list. I guess the promise of skipping commercials doesn't outweigh watching the live action. Since the data is from season passes on TiVo, people are probably still using TiVo functionality during the live game.

Check both of the links out. It's interesting to speculate as to why they are so different.
1. Demographics of TiVo owners vs. the general US
2. Time shifting due to inconvenient showtimes
3. Certain shows are watched live (football)

If you really want to blow your mind check out the Director Wishlist rankings. Hitchcock,
Spielberg, Scorsese, Kubrick, Tarantino. Some names I wouldn't expect in the top five, assuming the general publics preferences.

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