Friday, January 20, 2006

TV Show Product Placement - Las Vegas

I'm a TiVo fanatic. I purchased my Series 1 over five years ago and I almost never watch live television, I skip almost every commercial. I even tried to pitch them marketing ideas years ago to help educate the consumer, when I supported our West Coast sales office.

There has been much talk about product placements coming back to help circumvent ad-skipping. I hadn't experienced it yet, until the most recent episode of Las Vegas. The episode which centered around a suspected ghost haunting the Montecito casino.

In the same episode the US Snowboard team was also visiting. There are these three crazy guys running around with USA written on their bare chests. They first show up in the beginning, then reappear at the end and say they are heading to Vail. At this point the show turns into a commercial for Chevrolet SUVs.

Very clever, I was well into the commercial before I realized what was going on.

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