Sunday, February 12, 2006

TiVo's Best Banner Ad - So Far

As I've posted before I am a big TiVo fan. Owning my box for over 5 years. What has always bugged me was their marketing. It never seemed to really give people a clear reason to buy it.

Today I was on and saw the best TiVo banner ever.

Simply put, it was an interactive 300x250 in which I controlled a little TiVo figure to catch dropping TV shows. It seems they have taken the data they collect from existing TiVo users to pick what shows to have on this banner. Very smart, similar to the Amazon strategy of others who purchased this book, purchased these as well. Maybe the TiVo owners and non-TiVo owners (but would buy one if your message was relevant) have similar viewing tastes.

Read my earlier post and you'll see the viewing tastes of the general public are not similar.

Well since I've been a fanatic, I can tell you I've been trying to pitch them ideas forever through my employer's sales force. No success there, no fault of our sales force, I don't think the client was interested.

Imagine this, banners that every hour of the day have the most popular show of that hour. Imagine people at work who can't be at home watching the soaps, etc. What about demographic targeting to the audience of a particular show and then messaging the benefits around that show?

While I don't have TiVo-To-Go, this would be perfect to target to business travelers. How would you do this? I'd go to the job sites (Monster, HotJobs) and buy the behaviors of the people who mark off that they are willing to travel 20% or greater and have a certain salary requirement. Another option would be to buy behaviors of bookers from travel sites or airlines.

I am really rooting for TiVo, it has dramatically changed my viewing habits and allowed me to actually keep up with shows while working at a hard charging Internet startup.

Buy a TiVo today.

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