Sunday, April 09, 2006

Cooking up some methamphetamines

Well maybe not, but I experienced the meth problem first hand today. My wife is sick and needs some expectorant, leading me to stop by the local Rite-Aid.

I’m a big fan of making sure you take just the right type of cold medication. For example, if I have nasal congestion, I only want nasal decongestant. It’s easy buy an all-in-one cold remedy which has drugs your body doesn’t need.

I decided to buy three different types of Robitussin (cough and congestion, chest congestion, head and chest congestion) to make sure my wife was completely covered. For those who follow Maryland news there is a growing methamphetamine problem and people are cooking up this drug from common over the counter cold mediation. This problem is leading many local governments to pass laws that lock-up cold medication behind the counter and/or limits on how many boxes you can buy at a single time.

I head to the checkout counter with my three boxes of Robitussin. As I’m being checked out the register beeps and requires me to provide my driver’s license to the cashier. The cashier had no idea why I need to provide my license; I had to explain the meth issue.

I can only imagine what happened before this register check was in place.

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