Sunday, April 23, 2006

Sitting on the sidelines watching

You might think this has to do with sports, if you know me well that is highly unlikely.

I have SiteMeter on my blog and it helps track what pages are popular and how people get to my blog. I blogged about a new site,, on March 23rd - click here for that post. I was commenting on the cool functionality, a more adult (not that kind of adult) version of MySpace. There was also a very funny video of a cat up for adoption attacking it's handler had to include that.

Over the past month I've been noticing a marked increase in the number of people reaching my site coming from searches for LiveDigital. This past week it's been a handful a day. Checking out it shows this site is reaching more and more people. Hence it's stir is creating a minor stir for my insightful comments. I've included the graph below.

The popularity of LiveDigital is spilling over to my blog. If I upgrade to the paid Sitemeter I would be able to perform more analysis such as graphing these searches against the Alexa graph.

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