Saturday, August 05, 2006

Non-displaced fractured tibia

Thinking I'd pick up a new activity, I purchased a Carve Board.

While trying to learn this new contraption I found myself having to jump off the board to avoid hitting a mail box at high speed.

My right foot hit the ground and extreme pain ensued. I walked it off, but it still wasn't right. After about 2 weeks of on and off pain I thought a visit to the orthopedic surgeon might be a good idea. My doctor was great, he first x-rayed my knee, nothing showed up. Next was an MRI because he thought it could be a meniscus tear.

Ended up getting a call yesterday, I apparently fractured my tibia near my knee but the bone never displaced. Prescription - don't seriously shock my right leg for a couple weeks. Never knew you could break a tibia bone and not have a serious problem.

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