Thursday, September 21, 2006

Email addresses are sticky, but not that sticky

AOL email has been free for about a month and a half and in a previous post I wrote about the front desk clerk at my hotel and how she was about to switch to Comcast.

Well again I was in Baltimore this week and sure enough when I was checking-in the front desk lady asked me where I worked, "AOL."

FDL, "Oh I used to be AOL for years but I switched to Verizon DSL."

Me, "How long ago did you leave AOL?'

FDL, "Long time,

Me, "How long?"

FDL, "About 3 months ago."

Me, "Did you know that you can get your email address back at AOL - no charge?"

FDL, "Really? That would be great, everyone knows me by my AOL email address. Now when I send emails people don't know it's me anymore."

Me, "Well just log back in and you should be set, if not call."

She was so happy. It feels good when something like this happens. My bigger concern is how many other front desk people exist. They just don't know and we need to reach them before they fully switch to their new non-AOL email address.

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