Sunday, September 10, 2006

Five years ago tomorrow

I'm sure there are millions of posts about the fifth anniversary of September 11th, 2001 I'm throwing mine in.
I still remember the day so clearly in my mind.
Sitting at my desk in Tide Point at Third floor, next to the window facing the molasses tanks.
Instant message pops up from my college friend Nell, she's in the city and tells me a plane hit the WTC. I mention this to people around me, no one believes me.
It's off to to see what's going on. I keep hitting refresh, finally something comes up.
First it was a small text headline, then a picture, then the site goes down.
I call my parents in the Hamptons, I tell them to turn the TV on.
Next I call Andy Monfried my co-worker and friend in our NYC office. No answer at his desk, I try his cell.
He answers and tells me he's by the back window of the office watching the first tower burn, he tells me bodies are falling. As we are talking he starts screaming, the second plane comes roaring overhead and slams into the other tower. Andy hangs up and heads to his car to get out of the city with as many co-workers as he can.
At some point I ping my friends in Washington about the rumors of another crash. My best friend Geoff, (best man in my wedding) lived in Crystal City at the time, which was right next to the Pentagon.
My fraternity brother Paul directs me to his website,, it has traffic cams all around DC. One was right next to the pentagon, the plane actually knocked it off the light post on it's way down. It was still working, picture was upside down, but you could see the Pentagon on fire.
I start to wonder if any of Nell's family are in the towers, many of them are in the bond business. I know Cantor occupies the top floors, I interviewed there a few years earlier with two Johns Hopkins/Delta Upsilon alumni. Both died that day.
Most of the people at head upstairs to the penthouse to watch the television. That's where we see the first tower collapse.
Whenever I see the footage of that day, my entire body tenses up and I get really angry.

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Andy said...

Great post Rob, thanks for sharing.

I will never forget that phone call.