Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Poor example of customer service at YouTube

I've been trying for a day or so now to embedded the Roger Waters pig video on this blog. When I go to setup my blog on YouTube it just keeps saying "accessing account." I decided to submit a question early yesterday morning.

Having trouble registering my blogger blog so I can embed videos. Just keeps
saying accessing account.

What do I get back over 12 hours later?

Hi there and thanks for contacting us!
In response to your email we have
provided you with answers to almost all of the questions that we receive.
If you are one of the very few who has a question we haven't heard before,
and your issue isn't addressed below, please respond to this email and we will
help you personally!

[Insert a bunch of FAQ answers.]

Why couldn't that email have been sent right after I requested help? It doesn't seem to me that anyone in customer support actually needed to think to send that reply.

My guess is that the beta login for Blogger is causing their process to choke.

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