Friday, September 08, 2006

Real Men: East Hampton Dory Squad - Video

My comments - The Hamptons have a rich history, this is a great video depicting the dory men. These shots of them launching boats into the ocean from the beach are amazing.

Everyday heroes lived among us. They were men who dedicated themselves to assisting those caught in peril at sea. These were fishermen who understood the dangers of the surf and were a crucial part of the emergency response team for the Hampton's East End community. For close to 30 years The East Hampton Dory Rescue Squad assisted boaters in distress from Montauk to Bridgehampton. The Squad was made up of local offshore fishermen, Haul-seiners, whose unique ability to launch boats directly from the beach, proved to be vital technique in reaching those in harm. Between the Slatch: The East Hampton Dory Rescue Squad, looks at the rescue efforts of the volunteer team from 1978 to 2005. The documentary reviews the roots of the Dory Squad in the United States Lifesaving Service, as well as the role Haul-sein Fishing played in the Squads unique history.

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