Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Book signing with Nelson DeMille

I'm a big fan of Nelson DeMille, having read almost every one of his books. When I saw his new release of Wildfire and that he was going to speak and sign at a B&N on the Upper Eastside of Manhattan I decided to head over and check it out.

The place was packed - standing room only.

Mr. DeMille spoke for about twenty minutes and answered a bunch of questions. Told a funny story about Bruce Willis calling him out of the blue asking if his main character John Corey was created with Bruce in mind.

I turned into the defacto cellphone camera tech support person as the lady sitting next to me asked if I could show her how to delete a picture on her phone. She wanted a picture with Mr. DeMille. From my helping her the man in front overheard and asked me to show him how to take a picture with his Treo.

Next while waiting in line, a man whipped out every single book DeMille had ever published for him to sign. There were books there that weren't even published in his name. The cell phone lady asked him how he found out about these books, his response was that it took a long time. Hmm.

After I got home I fired up wikipedia and looked up Nelson DeMille. Sure enough all of those obscure titles were listed. Was this literary sleuth the writer of the wiki post? Or did he just undergo a lot of work for something that was a few clicks away?

Either way, I'm about 75 pages into Wildfire and I recommend it.

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