Saturday, December 02, 2006

My best Black Friday story

Watching this video segment on Wallstrip reminded me of an amazing Black Friday story experience by old co-worker.

Since the embedding isn't working click here to go directly to the video.

There was a brand new Walmart in Baltimore at Port Covington. Map of Walmart Portrait Studio:410-752-7970 2701 Port Covington Dr
Baltimore, MD 21230, US

Apparently when it opened that morning(Black Friday) two gentlemen made a run for the $25 DVD players where they placed all of them into their shopping carts. They took all that they could grab.

Then they proceeded to hangout in the store and sell them to people for $20 (I think that was the number, any number over zero is funny). People were actually buying the ability to purchase one from Walmart.

At some point Walmart figured this out and shut them down, but not before they made off with some cash.

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