Friday, December 15, 2006

Second Annual Festivus in Las Vegas - Update 1

My wife and I traveled to Vegas last year this time as a nice little pre-game vacation for the holidays. We met up with another couple we met on our honeymoon and had a great time. We decided to make it an annual tradition and we're here again.

In honor of my Seinfeld devotion, I've used Festivus as the official reason for going. It's Festivus in Vegas.

So far we are having a great time, my best man and his wife came this time. We enjoyed our complementary passes to the Shark Reef, and I found a booth that sells custom made bobble head figures. I now am expecting a custom bobble head of myself in about seven weeks. (I was glad that there wasn't a surcharge for my rather large head)

After a light dinner at Noodles in the Bellagio we watched their fountains and returned to Mandalay Bay for some Blackjack. We called it an early night as we were going to attend our own "feats of strength" event in the morning.

8 am we headed off for a morning of mountain biking in Red Rock Canyon. This is the third time I've ridden with Escape Adventures and with our guide, Kurt. It was a great ride and I highly recommend it to everyone.

For lunch we dined at the Burger Bar, I had an amazing Buffalo burger with Jalapeno bacon. Apparently they soak the bacon in Jalapeno juice for 24 hours before cooking it.

Then we were back at the Blackjack tables with continued good luck.

To recover from the "feats of strength" we headed to the Bathhouse Spa at the Hotel. After dry sauna, steam room, hot tub, and cold tub I was fully prepared for an 80 minute deep muscle massage.

Now we are off to Mix for dinner.

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