Sunday, January 14, 2007

Bacon wrapped dates

Our friends Billy and Peter invited us to a party at their house last night. I offered to bring some hors d'oeuvres, something I had before in San Francisco at a business dinner.

Bacon wrapped dates

When I first saw them, they looked odd and having celiac I was immediately suspect. After I confirmed they were gluten free, I tried one and was hooked.

Who could not enjoy bacon and the sweetness of dates?

In my quest to make the perfect bacon wrapped dates, I searched on Google - "bacon wrapped dates"

I was happy to see an AOL owned blog show up,, great job with the SEO work. Simple instructions, cut a strip of bacon in half, wrap a pitted date, bake for 15 minutes at 350 degrees. I was off to the store, two containers of dates, and two packs of low fat bacon (a center cut).

Returning, I tested out the instructions make just two of them. After about 25 minutes in the oven to get the bacon to brown, I tried them. Tasted good, but the look wasn't there, the bacon wasn't browned.

Party time was approaching quickly, so I quickly setup and made up the dates with their raw bacon wrap. Into the oven, I even turned them at the 8 minute mark. I decided to check a different recipe online, at It said Broil them. Slashfood, did not say to broil, big mistake, the bacon cooks but looks uncooked.

Back to the oven, adjusted the controls, raised the baking rack, and they started to brown up.

Off to the party, wild success. 80 of them gone, gobbled up.


Anonymous said...

Prosciutto nand pineapple is another good combination of contrasting flavors.

Rob Deichert Jr said...

Is that fresh or baked?

Anonymous said...

fresh - just wrap the prosciuto around a chunk of pineapple, and skweer with a toothpick. You can serve it chilled. the saltiness and sweetness is a great contrast!