Sunday, April 22, 2007

Ten Year Johns Hopkins Reunion

This weekend was my tenth year reunion for my undergraduate degree at Johns Hopkins in Baltimore. It was a great weekend with it culminating with our class event at the Bloomberg Center on campus. I volunteered on the reunion committee who worked to organize the event as well as get people to donate and attend.

We had an amazing turnout; it was well over 100 people which was much larger than the class of 1996. Our gift goal was also reached which as another win for us.

I personally was happy to see most of the people I was friends with in my dorm freshman year as well as a whole slew of fraternity brothers I hadn’t seen in years. Just reconnecting and seeing everyone was great along with some great food and beverages.

This was also a personal experiment from my perspective where we were using the web to help organize and move things forward. We used Google Spreadsheets to share the class call list among the committee members. While the actual usage of GS wasn’t 100%, it was still useful for those that did. There are some powerful tools available for free that can help increase the efficiency of these types of events. I also setup a Flickr group to share the photos from the event which I’ll be uploading tonight and contacting others to contribute their photos.

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