Sunday, April 29, 2007

Wait Please Don't Steal My E-ZPass

My wife and I drove back from Atlantic City today and we were privileged to watch the normal E-ZPass arm flailing at the toll booths.

I've heard the excuses before for not mounting your E-ZPass in the proper window location.

"Somebody might steal my E-ZPass."

Let's think about this one, how many thieves would steal the pass and proceed to open an illegal cab operation and drive people repeatedly across the George Washington Bridge?

How long would they get away with this? (Yes, I know you're responsible for any charges until you report it stolen or lost as well as a replacement fee.)

OK, so let's assume that theft is a valid concern. The nice E-ZPass people provide a Velcro like solution which would allow you to remove your E-ZPass whenever you want.

I'm concerned about the lanes that allow people to drive through at speeds varying from 5 mph to 15 mph and the non-mounters stopping their cars and waving their pass around.

How many accidents occur? How much time does this waste for others?

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