Sunday, April 29, 2007

Wine Spectator's Grand Tour at the Borgata - Atlantic City

I enjoy wine, but I'm not a wine expert by any metric. My wife on the other hand has spent time in France and knows much more about wine. For her birthday I decided to take her to the Wine Spectator's Grand Tour at the Borgata. We both have visited the Borgata before, but this was for this specific event.

Two hundred and eighteen different wines to sample. Too many wines. They also had a nice buffet laid out with cheeses, meats, and pasta. The wines were amazing, there were champagnes, whites, reds, and ports. We both enjoyed some of the New Zealand varieties as well as the ports.

The event lasted from 7 pm to 10 pm although we left at 9 for dinner at Specchio.

There are a few things I would suggest they change for the next event.

First, they had no places for people to eat, maybe some bar height tables would have helped. Instead people were camped out sitting on the floor in corners eating their food. This looked odd for such a nice event.

This leads into my second suggestion of only providing food that doesn't require a plate. You had people holding a wine glass, a plate, and somehow had to put the food in their mouth. I grabbed some meat that required cutting, Diana had to hold my wine glass, while I improvised a new technique for holding a plate and cutting meat simultaneously. I have another post that shows how this is done in case you find yourself in a similar bind.

Even with a few drawbacks, it was a great event and we'd attend again if it is held in our neck of the woods.

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