Sunday, May 06, 2007

Save NetRadio

I'm a big fan of Internet radio, I normally listen to AOL Radio through my AIM 6.1 client. Even though I'm a Sirius subscriber, the integration into AIM makes it too convenient not to use it. Normally I hear an occasional commercial, but the other day I heard something highly contextual.

I'm making a call to my representative tomorrow. I suggest everyone who listens to Internet radio make the call. Sure it takes some time, but royalties should be fair.

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Anonymous said...

Rob - Big fan as well. My fav is Radio Ambient on The CEO of RadioIO is constantly doing pieces on the recent developments in internet radio royalties. I'm also a huge listener to's Indie Pop Rocks. Nothing like a good lobby a.k.a. RIAA to get lawmakers to make stupid decisions. Hopefully the recently introduced counter bill will bring back a little sanity, otherwise I go back to listening to Germany's

- Mike Pratt