Sunday, July 08, 2007

Westbound on 495 and North on the Hutch

My wife and I drove back from East Hampton today and were privileged enough to be behind a silver Audi A4.

We watched this man (driver) and woman proceed to cross in and out of the HOV lane illegally about a dozen times. Twice in front of police on the side of the highway. As they crossed the solid white lines stones and road debris was thrown up into the air.

I wonder if I video taped this behavior on my cell phone whether I could mail this into the police for a ticket?

He cut off a few people during the illegal lane changes, we were both expecting an accident.

After we watched this idiocy, we were stuck in traffic on the Hutchinson River Parkway and there we found a mSUV pulled off the road, with another car in the right line (two lane road each way) stopped talking to the person. The cars weren't visibly damaged, so I guess it makes it ok to cause delays for everyone.

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