Sunday, August 26, 2007

Great BusinessWeek column on CEOs and Leadership

I'm a regular BusinessWeek reader, usually digesting a magazine during my morning gym workout.

One of my favorite columns is The Welch Way which is in every issue written by Jack and Suzy Welch.

Two pages earlier in the September 3rd edition I found Outside Shot written by Henry S. Givray. The title of his article, "When CEOs Aren't Leaders."

"The problem's roots lie in the fact that the terms "CEO" and "leader" have mistakenly become synonymous. Nothing could be further from the truth. CEOs are measured by quantitative results. Leaders are shaped and defined by character. CEOs are expected to boost sales, improve profit margins, and make money for shareholders. Leaders inspire and enable others to do excellent work and realize their potential. As a result, they build successful, enduring organizations." - Givray

Givray points out that we have lost our way at many corporations where we have hired CEOs who are not leaders. I won't get into the three easy steps Givray lays out to fix the situation thats for you to read.

Either way this is a thought provoking article for anyone in a management position. It's beyond just being a manager, it's being a leader as well.

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