Sunday, September 30, 2007

George Bush Senior on Amtrak Acela First Class

Something unexpected happened this past Thursday as a I returned from Baltimore from a day trip to visit some friends.

I'm sitting in my first class seat (only worth it if you have upgrade coupons) as the train pulls into Philadelphia. Facing the only entrance into the car I noticed two huge men in suits with buttons on their lapels board. They looked like security for someone.

Next person who walks on is the former president, George Bush. Then followed by another approximately six secret service people.

At one point I heard one agent ask if there was assigned seating. Guess they never ride Amtrak.

Everyone got off in NYC and as expected there were cops everywhere who kept the path clear as GW walked out to his motorcade.

Imagine being the person he sat next to, that would have to be an interesting ride.

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