Friday, October 12, 2007

32D was not the seat I was looking for

I flew back last night from Las Vegas having attended RAPT's annual summit. It was a great event and in an effort to get home quickly I took a Delta red-eye back to JFK.

I board the plane, find my seat, 32D, isle, last row, next to the toilets.


Next to me is a couple who proceed to complain to the flight attendant that their seats don't recline enough. The flight attendant replies, "one seat in that row is broken."

I look down and sure enough there is professional looking piece of duct tape covering the hole where the reclining button would normally reside.

First thing I asked for was a different seat, no luck - completely full flight.

They should have taken that seat out of service.

Thanks Delta - I'm exhausted today.

The only thing that could make the flight worse is someone is found to have TB on it.

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