Thursday, February 21, 2008

Thoughts from the last row

I’ve been a bad blogger, not posting as often as I should. More promises of getting back into it, well now it’s time to deliver.

On my way to San Francisco for work with my wife. She’s taking some vacation and she gets to experience me in work travel mode. Thrilling I’m sure as I spend hours on my Outlook inbox under an iPod induced trance during the flight.

We hit JFK after a long trip down Queens Boulevard. Most likely annoyed the driver when I informed him of traffic from Google Maps on my Blackberry.

No bags to check, only one Clear pass, long line at Terminal 7 security. We separate, I take the carry-ons, luckily the Clear attendant told me to get my wife and she’d bring her through as a courtesy.

Diana’s signing up tomorrow for her own Clear pass.

After scanning my finger we’re escorted to the front of the security line with many frowns of disappointed people in line. If I was Clear I would have the attendants wearing a shirt explaining the cost and benefits.

Walking billboards with a targeted audience.

We’re sitting on the plane waiting to buy some food, we look to our in-flight magazine for the menu. Sure enough Diana’s magazine is missing the page. It’s been ripped out. I check mine, more of the same.

Must be someone from a competitive airline trying to slow down the in-flight meal service. Or maybe somebody is being passive aggressive because due to this being the absolute last row on the plane.

Battery is almost dead, but my inbox scroll bar length is a third of the total length. Prior to boarding it was a fiftieth. 93 emails sitting in my outbox.

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Anonymous said...

Rob - Glad you're back and great idea to go together. Enjoy - Mike