Saturday, March 15, 2008

My Most Popular Page

I keep an eye on my site analytics and consistently I see one post showing up via Google organic search. It's my closing post on my Baltimore row house staircase replacement. You can read it here.

The post ranks on the first page of Google results for "replacing stairs" and "replacing staircase." My next home improvement project is to restore our steel casement windows throughout our apartment. I'm planning on using a combination of video, pictures, and text to detail the project.

I took the first step today and more detail will be coming.


gregw said...

I have the same problem. I wrote an article last year for what to do Valentines Day. It was from a request, and ever since it has been the number one article or post that Google recognizes for my name and my website search.
The article is not even on my site anymore.
I am thinking of putting in a category that relates somehow, and posting the article on my site because of the Google ranking for it.

gregw said...
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