Saturday, August 01, 2009

More details on using a portable air conditioner in your steel casement windows

For some reason my blog post, How to use an air conditioner and not destroy your steel casement windows, was one of my most popular via SiteMeter.

I thought it might be helpful to go into a little more detail on the Plexiglas insert I built for the Sharp CV-P10MX portable air conditioner.

Below you'll see some metal twist clasps that are spaced off the Plexiglass with some metal washers. The nut is attached with Loctite Threadlockersteel casement Plexiglas insert with fastener to prevent it from loosening up with use.

The Plexiglas insert is compressed by the window itself. On the left of the picture below you'll see the left of the window pressing against the Plexi and holding it in.
steel casement window with Plexiglas insert
The handle of the window is held with the eyelet bolt and tightened with a wingnut.
steel casement window with Plexiglas insert

FYI - Here's a useful link to Consumer Reports for an air conditioner sizing worksheet.

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