Sunday, October 11, 2009

Fall Feeding For The Bees

Today marked 21 days since I put the Formic Acid pads on a few of my Varroa infested hives, thus off they came. It's also starting to get cold and the hives need to be prepared for the winter.

I installed the entrance reducers on all of the hives as well as put on the top feeders so I could get 2 gallons of 2:1 sugar water into the hives. It's critical to feed the bees Fumagilin-B to avoid the human equivalent of a cruise ship getting one of those stomach viruses and everyone encountering severe intestinal distress. The honey bee equivalent disease is called Nosema.

Mixing up 13 gallons of sugar water (2 gallons per full hive, 1 gallon for my nuc) takes give or take 100 pounds of sugar. Normally I picked up 25 lb bags at Sam's Club, this time they were all out so it was 10 ten pound bags. Below is photo of my sugar posing with Fumagilin-B medication.
Fumagilin-B and Domino Sugar
bee hives prepared for winter
bee hives prepared for winter
bees on Langstrom Frames