Sunday, November 15, 2009

Fall Feeding For The Bees (Second Update)

The weather is finally starting to turn cold and my hives still didn't feel heavy enough for their wintering. This past weekend I picked up 50 lbs of sugar at Sam's Club and made up some heavy 2:1 syrup to feed my six hives and one nuc.

From my last feeding I learned that you have to use boiling water if you plan on doing the 5 gallon pail/paint mixer power drill combo. It's the only way to ensure all the sugar dissolves -the last batch from the previous update still had small crystals in them. You'll see in the pictures below that it crystallized in the feeding trays.

The hives were very active on the 8th, although it's hard to see from these pictures.

There was definitely some pollen sources around as you can see the pollen on the hind legs of the bee at the top of this photo.
honey bee with pollen

The photo album below shows the feeders and the bees feeding.

I found this video in my normal reading and thought it might be interesting if you wondered where those boxes of bees come from. No commentary from Diana in this video.