Thursday, February 25, 2010

Amazon please give us a Send To Kindle button

I'm a big fan of Amazon's Kindle, but it can always be improved. Here's another idea to add to my growing list.

"Share this" buttons exist on almost every content page, I can share with Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, to name a few. Most news and magazine sites have a format for printing button as well. 

What about send to Kindle button? This seems so simple, but makes taking long format text content and moving it to where you want to read it EASY. Similar to Fred Wilson's Watch Later post on online video. Like video there are plenty of articles that you want to consume later.

There is nothing more enjoyable than to take a long article I've found online and converting it over for reading on my commute. This takes multiple steps right now just to make this happen. 

How about a one click solution Mr. Bezos?

This could be a way for publishers to generate a little extra revenue for minimal work. Amazon could allow the publisher to set a premium price for sending an article, if you're not a paid subscriber, and provide some revenue with every press of the button. This could also be a nice way to market subsidized Kindle subscriptions with the magazine or newspaper. 

If I'm a paid subscriber, then this just makes the subscription stickier. Don't charge me a premium, just make it "one click easy."