Monday, December 13, 2010

Giving up Crackberry for iMeth

This past Monday I handed in my Blackberry.  I was carrying two devices: a Blackberry for work and an  iPhone for personal use. I needed to simplify; one less device to forget going through airport security, one less charger. So I started testing out my work email on my iPad which worked well, then started testing out the iPhone on the exchange server.

My crackberry addiction goes all the way back to my early days after the bubble burst and there was a flood of used blackberries on eBay for sale. A couple of us picked up the 950 models and we were off to the races. After upgrading through various models I definitely think it is the superior corporate email device, and still remains so in my mind.

We all know the iPhone apps are what set the devices apart.   While I would take a real keyboard and Blackberry exchange integration over the iPhone, the Blackberry apps simply don't compare. Whether I'm checking my flights on my Delta app or listening to something out of my iTunes library it's a simple setup and easy to use.

Carrying two devices that emitted radio waves also seemed like something I should try to avoid. I do carry a charger for the iPhone where ever I go to make sure I don't go dark.  I have to say it's nice to be down one device.

Full disclosure:  my idea for iMeth came from the latest Roger Waters Tour.