Thursday, March 30, 2006

Anti-Bacterial Everything – Musings from my first visit to Target

On my last trip to Phoenix I made the crucial packing error of forgetting undershirts. Since I was on-site with a team of people from my company and we were sharing a rental car everyone came along on my quest for some undershirts.

We successfully navigated our way to a Target and proceeded to shop. This was my first time to a Target which was certainly interesting. It reminded me of the Caldor (RIP) in Bridgehampton, NY.

After successfully locating my undershirts, my co-worker needed to buy a paper hole punch. This lead us to the office supply area of the store where I spied FlexGrip Elite pens with Anti-Bacterial Pen Protection. I had to buy them and share my findings with my small group of readers.

So what exactly does anti-bacterial pen protection provide?

The package states: “Anti-bacterial technology is designed to protect the pen’s surface and does not extend protection to the skin.”

What does that mean?

My pens are protected from bacteria?

I’ve never heard of any kind of flesh eating bacteria jump species over to attack pens.

Is this a ploy to sell more pens? Make their pens standout in a era of Anti-bacterial everything? It certainly worked to catch my eye and my purchase.

There are some concerning articles about potential persistent anti-bacterial chemicals showing up in the eco-system. Are we setting ourselves up for a super bug?

Those who know me know I have a large container of hand sanitizer at my desk. Luckily it’s uses jellied alcohol to work. Have we oversantized our developed world to the point where our immune systems have been compromised?

I wonder what would happen if I started chewing on these pens.

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