Saturday, April 01, 2006

Rickshaw Anyone?

My wife and I spent the day off in NYC yesterday. After a day of shopping and visiting family we decided it was time to visit the famous celiac restaurant, Risotteria. We were at Grand Central and needed to get down there fast. The GCT taxi queue had been shut down and with no taxis in sight, we hopped on this bicycle rickshaw. Once the guy started peddling I asked how much for a ride down to Blecker and 7th.


We said “let’s think about it and head over to Penn Station.” We thought about it, but in reality we just experienced riding on city streets jockeying with taxis and buses in a rickshaw. It was a great evening warm weather, perfect for a rickshaw ride. It’s just that I thought a helmet would be a nice added accessory. I felt like this experience was close to being a bike messenger in NYC.

We ended up paying $25 to get to Penn from GCT. Via subway it would have been $4. It was a nice evening so it was probably worth it.
The driver was nice enough to hail us a cab by cutting it off with the rickshaw.

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