Saturday, April 01, 2006

Getting Ready for the Fifth Annual Celiac Run

I finally got around to setting up my team for the Celiac run on May 7th. For those who don’t know, I have Celiac. I can’t eat gluten – which means no wheat, flour, barley, beer, etc.

This year I’m organizing a team of my Robert H. Smith business school alumni to run. I’m hoping to raise $10,000 for research and education. There are still many people suffering from this disease who don’t know they have it yet. Why? Because many doctors don’t realize how prevalent it is in the US.

About 1 out of every 133 people have Celiac.

If you’re interested in running or just feel like donating some cash to a worthy cause. Click Here

I can only imagine how much money is wasted on treating undiagnosed Celiacs.

Comparison of the prevalence of celiac disease and other well- known conditions:
Celiac Disease affects 3 million Americans
Epilepsy affects 2.8 million Americans
Ulcerative Colitis affects 500,000 Americans
Crohn's Disease affects 500,000 Americans
Multiple Sclerosis affects 333,000 Americans
Cystic Fibrosis affects 30,000 Americans
(Source: National Institutes of Health)

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