Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Sirius wins the JD Power Customer Service Award - Yeah Right!

Tonight my wife and I drove to Best Buy to pick up a satellite radio, we hadn't made up our mind yet. I had tried out the free XM web preview, but we were going to decide at the store after talking to the clerk. After reviewing the channel guide it, she noticed that Sirius has a few NPR channels. We decided on Sirius, bought a receiver and a boom box.

Drove home, set it up, and tried to activate it online.

Well that didn't work so well.

Called to activate it.

The activation person informs me the ID code is not valid. "You need to drive back to the store and get a new unit."

Are you kidding me? The radio receives their free channel, but apparently somehow the number isn't valid.

After pressing for a supervisor, it was clear that even she couldn't tell me what was wrong. Not even any discount for my inconvenience of having to drive back to the store.

Sirius will be lucky if I return my receiver and get another one. I might just go with XM instead after such an amazing interaction with their JD Powers award winning customer service.

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