Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Oh you work at AOL?

Yes, I work at AOL.

Sorry, I can’t answer any technical questions, but I can up sell you for broadband.

At a wedding this weekend I met a couple who used to be avid AOL users. The husband still is, the wife isn’t. She gave it up years ago when she didn’t need it anymore for access. He’s still a fan; he raved about their stock quote pages. She worked on some of the original deals with Citi and AOL. Small world – getting smaller.

Just in case you’re wondering, they have the broadband package. Which led me by default into promoting the new Active Security Monitor product.

I was recently promoted out of Advertising.com to a new role in AOL Media Networks. It’s the division responsible for the advertising on AOL’s properties. My new role covers a similar role at Advertising.com, it’s the operational support team for our advertisers (both internal and external).

So far a month in and I’m more pumped then the first day. My team wants to win and it’s time for AOL to take back our #1 standing. At Advertising.com we became the #1 network and that meant everyone by default was aiming for our back. It’s fun to be the lead runner, but what’s even more fun? Trouncing the lead runner.

I’m looking forward to writing more on my experiences in the new role since this is a new team and customers. My general approach to the new role is the following:

1. Set clear expectations. Admit ignorance on a topic if you don’t know it, then find out.

2. Always make the right decision for the business – ignore whether it might “hurt” the corporate internal scorecard for promotion, transfer resources, etc. We’ve got to focus on optimizing the entire system, not just my group. The only way is for every section to have an open mind and make the best choice for the company.

3. Always make the right decision for the people – notice how this comes after #2. Team members need to feel that there is a career path and that people value their contribution. These things are critical in attracting and retaining the best. Assuming you keep this in mind with Rule #2, three almost always takes care of itself. Always build your business with the goal of a continuous innovation feedback loop. If the business is structured right people development and advancement are a natural side effect. A great side effect.

4. Develop my managers – without strong managers, the success of the team will be in jeopardy. Intense focus on helping them improve their skills and abilities while they do the same for their people. Trickle down effect, helps reinforce Rule #3.

Looking forward to an incredible year.

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Anonymous said...

I hope you can make a difference. I'm glad that you are enthusiastic, this company really needs people to do what's best for the company and take care of their employees rather than line their own pockets.