Friday, June 09, 2006

Off-Shore Gambling Operations Supporting Amtrak

Riding back from NY on Amtrak yesterday reading their arrive magazine (May/June issue) was mind blowing.

There has been a big push in the Internet advertising world NOT to accept money from off-shore gambling concerns because of the potential illegality of their product in the United States.

What did I find in arrive?

Page 4 – Full page ad for a sports book – – no disclaimers

Page 7 – Full page ad for an online casino – – this does have a disclaimer, “Void where prohibited by law. Fully licensed in Costa Rica”

Last time I checked Amtrak was not making money and is supported by the Federal Government. Love seeing them taking money from businesses that another arm is trying to shut down.

After doing a little research there are presently no laws on the Federal books, but the Federal government is pushing for it. Click here to read more about it on

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