Monday, July 31, 2006

4 weeks and counting - No power outlets on the Amtrak Acela

It's 6:12 am and I'm on the Acela headed for Baltimore spending the day at

I plug in my laptop and look forward to a few hours of uninterrupted email - the laptop power brick's light doesn't come on.

I ask the conductor, "Are the outlets working?"

Conductor, "Nope they've been out for 4 weeks on all Acela."

Me, "Just to clarify, all Acela trains?"

Conductor, "Yes."

I pop open Arrive, the Amtrak magazine, sure enough there on page 10 is David Hughes the CEO of Amtrak writing, "For all of us at Amtrak, our highest honor is a satisfied customer whom we can proudly welcome aboard time after time."

Not sure how proud I would be if I couldn't get electrical outlets to work on every single of my Acela trains which are designed for business travelers.

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