Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Planes, automobiles, trains, taxis

Last night I embarked on my normal commute between New York City and Dulles, VA. Normally I'm on the AOL shuttle which is convenient and drops me at my hotel. Last night due to weather it was canceled so we had two options, 1) stay in local hotel in NJ 2) take Amtrak to DC and taxi it over to AOL HQ. There were a few other AOL colleagues in a similar situation, two of which decided to go the train route as well.

We had a friendly driver take us from the airport to Newark Penn Station. Waited about an hour for Amtrak to show up. We passed time in the bar enjoying a couple performing CPR on each other at the bar and a group of business associates getting so blasted that they were slurring the words.

Leave Newark 9:15 arrive Washington DC 12am

We get a taxi, hoping for one that accepts credit cards. No luck.

Off we go, I'm in the back, I strap in and proceed to fall asleep. I can sleep anywhere under almost any conditions.

I'm most proud of the time I drank a Starbucks grande double red-eye and feel asleep 20 minutes later.

I wake up about 15 minutes from HQ and I notice the driver veering off the road onto the shoulder. Our AOL co-pilot promptly tells the driver to get back on the road. Apparently this has been happening the entire drive. Good thing I was traveling with others, I would have been in a ditch some where.

Not sure if the guy was drunk, tired, or just had some kind of inner ear balance issue which caused him to drift to the right.

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