Saturday, September 02, 2006

The History Boys & Roger Waters

My wife and I received tickets to the History Boy's play as a gift and last night was the show.

Couple thoughts -

1. Tickets were almost $100 each and I understand why theater is declining in this country. Maybe it was only this theater, but those seats are really packed in there. My wife and I are not particularly tall people, but we were uncomfortable. The crowd was older and maybe they are used to this, but what's going to happen with the MySpace generation? They have custom chairs for playing video games.

Movie theaters have stadium seating. Younger people are used to comfort.

2. We had the pleasure of sitting next to a MySpace couple and they were slurping down wine at their seats (against the rules) as well as sprawling themselves across our seats.

3. The play was OK - best parts were the use of black and white movie clips that transitioned between different scenes. They played some great 80s music, and I was "hungry like the wolf" for more. The party of three sitting in front of us apparently did not think it was ok, they never returned after intermission. Either they had a bad meal at one of those theater dining specials in the area or they were disappointed.

4. I hope there is never a fire or emergency in the theater, the logistics of getting to seats and the number of people who have trouble navigating them is a recipe for disaster.

5. Our being in the city intersected with a text message from my fraternity brother Paul, who was meeting up with Shaggy (aka Jay, my little brother) at the bar he bartends at. I haven't seen Shaggy in years, we haven't stayed in touch and I feel bad about that. He wants to get out of bartending, I have a gut feeling online ad trafficking would be a great fit for him.

6. Free drinks and not paying attention to the Metro North train schedule leads to having to take a cab all the way home to the burbs. The cab drivers have a great racket, they are there waiting for you to find the doors locked at GCT. There is also a handy kebob stand so you can buy some late nite food and drink for the long ride home.

7. I'm getting really excited for Roger Waters at Jones Beach on the 15th. Jones Beach is my favorite concert spot. The stage is built into a lagoon and at night you get the salt air breeze.

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