Saturday, September 16, 2006

Getting to Jones Beach for Roger Waters

Concert is at 8pm, wife and I leave at 6pm.

It's been raining all day out East. Traffic on 27 is bad in both directions, so we veer off to take the back roads.

I've never seen flooding like this, maybe back in the 80s with a hurricane. I'm driving a Honda Element and we crossed a few flooded areas where I wasn't sure we'd make it. I wish I had a video camera. One "puddle" that we crossed was about 75 long and the SUV in front of us thought driving at less than 5 mph and stopping occasionally would be a good way to make it across. I gunned it right past them.

We had to get back onto the main road because the back roads were getting too deep.

Numerous flooded areas heading out, with line of traffic heading East was significant and I wondered what would come of the Porsches and Minis about to cross these fijores. One we cross was so deep there were foot high waves going back and forth from all the cars driving through.

Made it to Jones Beach at 8:15 pm - Roger wasn't on yet.

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