Saturday, September 16, 2006

Roger Waters doesn't seem to like George W

It's lightly raining and Jones Beach has no protection from the weather. It's packed, people drinking in the parking lots, getting frisked on the way in.

We find our seats and cover ourselves with plastic ponchos to keep the rain off. There are people smoking pot everywhere. If I sampled the people sitting directly around me (except for my wife) I'd find drugs on everyone.

First set are some oldies, Set the Controls for Heart of Sun.

Roger also plays a couple of his more recent works as well as one written about his hitchhiking in Lebanon. Two guys sitting to our left start booing because of the anti-Bush political messaging.

At one point they bring out the pig balloon and a guy dressed up as a butcher who leads it around through the crowd. Written on the pig were a few slogans, one of which was "Impeach Bush" on it's butt.

At this point Cheech and Chong next to us start booing and screaming "Go home {insert derogatory homosexual term}." Nice, REALLY NICE I forgot where I read in the Republican docket that illegal drug use as being OK.

Now another guy starts screaming, "Remember 9-11."


Cheech buddys up with 9-11 guy and they start complaining how Roger should just play his music. They didn't pay to get political messages and look at all the people cheering.

If you just want to hear the music, buy a CD and sit at home with a tube of model airplane glue.

It's a concert and it's his concert, let him say what he wants. I know my political views weren't changed by any of his comments. Maybe they were concerned that they would be swayed under their heavy consumption of weed?

Second set, Dark Side of the Moon played in it's entirety. Simply amazing.

Last song of the night - Comfortably Numb

Best part about it was there was lightening in the distance that seemed to be choreographed with the music.

Jones Beach still stands as the best venue for a concert.

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