Sunday, April 08, 2007

PodCampNYC Recap Part 1

As I mentioned before, Diana and I attended PodCamp NYC yesterday in New York City. It was a free un-conference (sponsor supported), with multiple sessions per hour running 9am to 6pm. We were both looking to learn more about blogging since we both blog, me with this blog, and Diana with When we originally signed up it was marketed as blogging and pod casting focused. It was definitely slanted towards pod casting, but many of the sessions about various aspects of pod casting apply the same to blogging.

I'll recap the sessions and some of the key learnings. I'll also post links because part of the rule of this un-conference was that anyone could film etc. So there should be some high-quality video up online of the sessions soon.

First session - Social Media Convergence and Virtual Worlds - Joseph Jaffe, Greg Verdino, Mark Wallace, Johnny Ming, and Adam Broitman

We both found this particularly interesting because it touched on a part of the Internet that neither of us visit. During the panel, they had SecondLife up on the screen where they actually had setup an area with booths for all of the sponsors. We watched a presentation being projected on a screen in SecondLife. They talked about companies and their presence in virtual worlds.

Some quotes that stood out for me (I'm not a reporter, so these are as close as possible)

"A campaign has a start and end date, consumers do not, " J Jaffe.

"We live in a world of partial attention - people are twittering, emailing, while sitting up here on this panel," Greg Verdino.

Second session - What's Next? A discussion for looking ahead - Andrew Baron and Joanne Colan of Rocketboom (one other person as well, didn't catch his name)

Andrew started the session off with an interesting slide show showing the progression of technology and communications. The sound on the recording is a bit faint, but you do get to see some of his slides. There was an interesting discussion of a firm offering real-time translation captioning of video casts. I believe it was 8 languages simultaneously. Also some discussion of censorship in China as well.

More to come...

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